ST. PAUL’S STREET- 3594/3604/3614 – 3 Bedroom

C$1,200 / per Month
Bedrooms (residential only): 3
October 24, 2013

3594 / 3604 /3614 St. Paul’s Street is in the highly popular North End of Halifax. You can walk to the Hydrostone market, Fort Needham Park, Lawtons and numerous other facilities and amenities. It is just one block from the Leeds Street NSCC location.

The St. Paul Location is comprised of three adjoining brick buildings that have 47- 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, some of which feature hardwood floors and balconies, with beautiful views over the Halifax Harbour. It is a great location for families as it is near many schools, recreational areas, and commercial amenities.
The Metro Transit routes #7, and #9 stop just around the corner and take you directly to downtown Halifax.
Each apartment includes: heat, hot water, and on-site laundry facilities. In addition to these amenities our buildings are fitted with secure intercom systems, and have a live-in superintendent, so tenants feel exceptionally safe and comfortable.

To view one our apartments please contact the on-site superintendent at 902-403-5127.

 *Photos of the apartment may not necessarily reflect the current vacancies.

Features Included:

  • heat
  • hot water
  • live-in superintendent
  • on-site laundry facilities
  • secure intercom systems
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